Velvet Top Coat: What Are The Advantages?

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The Velvet Top Coat gives a nail that has been freshly paint an exquisitely smooth inclination. It is a dry fix that doesn’t need to be purified.

This Non Wipe Top Coat is available with nail shines create with the best materials and adhering to strict standards, providing a flawless finish to your nails.

Velvet Top Coat

The top layer of velvet is make entirely of pure gel, which provides improve resilience and virtually no problems typical of hybrid gel shines.

Non Wipe Top Coat

What Are The Advantages Of The Velvet Top Coat?

The following are some benefits of the velvet smooth top coat:

1 The incredible grip that doesn’t require forceful nail filling or planning
2 Doesn’t thin or dry the natural nail
3 The awesome and dazzling rich surface that can be apply effectively and doesn’t run into the fingernail skin
4 Quick and easy evacuation and dries out in no time
5 Tough enough with the long timeframe of realistic usability provide it is store in the correct manner

It can also be use as a perfector or a treatment that works on the state.

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