How To Apply Rubber Base Coat At Home?

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Fortunately, Rubber Base Coat is relatively simple to apply, so if you don’t want to get your nails done in a salon, you should be able to do it yourself at home.

Follow these steps to accomplish Best Gel Base Coat:

• Return your nail to its natural state using 100 percent acetone to remove any polish or other adornments. Continue cleaning the nail until there is nothing left on its surface. Any lingering improvements will render the rubber base coat ineffective.

Rubber Base Coat

• Reposition your cuticles and remove any remaining dead skin from the tops of your nails. You’ll have a good working surface as a result.
• Carefully file the surface of the natural nail with a 180 grit nail file. This will give the rubber base something to stick to, making it stick much better. Your nail is a little rough, but this filing makes a difference. Make sure to move carefully.
• Wipe your nails with acetone after dusting them off.

Best Gel Base Coat

• Start at the cuticle and spread outwardly. Apply a thin coating of the rubber base coat. Do this for every nail on your body.
• Cure the base coat for 60 seconds under an LED or UV lamp

All you are required to do to make a rubber base coat is that, and after that, you can apply any nail polish you like.

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