Selecting Different Gel Polish Shades That Blend Your Skin Tone

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There are thousands of nail polish shades. Different brands offer a different collections of shades. You can check with the best options like Hipsterr to get familiar with top-selling gel polish shades. You should ensure that the shade you select blends with the color of the skin.

Chrome Top Coat

Light tone skin

For light tone skin, you may have to select cool shades. You can search for velvet top coat shades in pastels and pink. These color shades go best with light-colored skin.

Fair tone skin

You come across girls who have a very fair skin tone. Chrome Top Coat shades in yellow and orange will suit them best.

Velvet Top Coat

Both the shads are easily visible. You can also try a red shade as it will highlight the nail outline.

Tanned skin

Girls with tanned skin might not be able to select a Velvet Top Coat that is dark in shade. Bright shades are the best options for them so the polish can be visible. Blue and purple can be the right choice for them.

Olive tone skin

Olive skin tone is slightly dark in complexion. The chrome top coat in silver and nickel will always work its magic.

Dark shade skin tone will go best with chocolate and maroon shades. You just have to ensure that the gel polish shade you select is visible. The color of the polish and skin should not be the same.

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